Angel Hearts and StorHub self storage CSR activity

StorHub And Angel Hearts Take Part In Hand-Ons Activity For A Good Cause

StorHub has been taking part in hands-on virtual activities for great and meaningful causes with our CSR partner Angel Hearts for two years in a row. On 28 October 2021, StorHub volunteers learnt how to make unique handmade cards that came in a variety of intricate designs. Felicia from Angel Hearts kicked off the session by sharing with everyone about the good cause and initiatives organised by them. During the session, we found out that the organisation had managed to train up more than 400 volunteers and that over 2,860 Angel apparels had been delivered to partner hospitals and funeral homes free of charge.


After gaining insight into the good cause by Angel Hearts, StorHub volunteers started putting their heart and soul into making handicrafts together. With the guidance of Angel Hearts representatives, they were able to make elaborate festive cards by hand and even included a thoughtful and inspirational message to add a personal touch to each card. Angel Hearts will set aside these festive handcrafted cards as a complimentary token to go along with purchases made by customers at their e-shop. 


Our volunteers got a cathartic experience out of the handicraft session even after fumbling with the materials initially. With perseverance, they picked up new skills step by step and managed to improve their manual dexterity. For some, the session even got them taking a stroll down memory lane as they looked back fondly on those times in the past when they last made artwork by hand. All StorHub volunteers used origami papers to come up with one-of-a-kind Christmas designs with layered patterns with the help of an Iris card template. The iris folding technique for card-making requires an assortment of paper strips that come in playful colours and prints that get cut out into a variety of shapes which are later overlapped and pasted onto a printed template. The session allowed all who participated to learn new skills like the quilling method where volunteers made the ‘star’ that completes a Christmas tree. Everyone had a great sense of accomplishment and beamed with pride as the virtual session came to an end and as they signed off each of their work of art for the StorHub CSR programme.

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