StorHub Self Storage CEO gardening in green garden

StorHub Steps Up Its Green Efforts In Rooftop Garden

StorHub has been going the extra mile in doing our part for the environment. We have done so by incorporating electric vehicle charging stations, smart air-conditioning, full solar panels at our storage facilities and a lush rooftop garden.

In Singapore, a green garden that is 760 square metres in size has been added to our StorHub Toa Payoh storage facility. This roof garden embellishes our landscape with healthy green foliage while allowing StorHub customers and staff to relax in a pleasant and comfortable recreational area. The greenery is not just pleasing to the eye but also serves as a protective waterproofing layer for our rooftop to shield it from the detrimental effects of environmental elements, slows down degradation and extends the roof’s lifespan.

In this blog issue, we share how StorHub continues to work towards being ecologically friendly by planting edible plants in our exuberant green garden. StorHub staff are making sure to set aside time to care for these edible greens. Each department gets to have a plantation area all to ourselves while getting to pick the kind of edible plants to grow. By taking turns to drop by the rooftop garden to water and look after the plants, everyone gets to indulge ourselves in a farm-to-table experience. Edible plants that can be found in the garden include chillies, lemons, blue pea flowers and herbs such as rosemary which can all be used to complement savoury dishes that are well-loved by Singaporeans in our culturally diverse country where wide range of delicacies are available to satisfy the dietary preferences of all walks of life!

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