StorHub's environmental management approach emphasises adopting clean and energy-efficient solutions. We take pride in being consistent in our sustainability efforts through utilising green technologies and reducing waste generation. Our partnerships with communities and local leaders enable us to leave a positive impact on our environment.


  • In Singapore, we currently generate 2.72 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy annually, from a total of 5,624 solar panels, or the reduction of more than 1,400 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.
  • In Hong Kong, we currently generate 136.6 megawatt-hours of renewable energy annually, from a total of 406 solar panels, with an estimated reduction in carbon emissions of 88 tonnes per annum.
  • In Australia, the installation of the solar PV system at our facility was completed in July 2023 and we currently generate 151 megawatt-hours of renewable energy annually from 232 solar panels.
  • We are currently doing a feasibility study for installing solar PV systems at four of our facilities in China, with a generation capacity of 0.773 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy annually.


StorHub is on track to achieve green building certification through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the world's most widely used green building rating system. In Singapore, we are aiming to have seven buildings LEED ARC and LEED O+M v4.1 certified by 2024, with the remaining eleven buildings LEED O+M certified by 2024 and 2025.


Currently, 95% of our facilities in Singapore have LED lighting, which is the most energy-efficient lighting solution available. By 2024, all our facilities in Singapore will be installed with LED lights as part of our efforts to phase out lights that offer less energy savings. At present, 98% of our facilities in China have LED lights and we are progressively replacing all the remaining non-LED lights. StorHub facilities in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Korea are completely installed with LED lights.


In Singapore, we have recycling initiatives in place at all 18 of our facilities, including having additional recycling bins strategically placed within our head office in Toa Payoh.


StorHub supports the use of electric vehicles as they generate zero greenhouse emission. We have dedicated spaces within the parking lots of our facilities that have been carved out for electric vehicle charging stations . Currently, StorHub has 14 charging points installed across our facilities in Singapore. In addition, 15 charging points have been installed at our China facilities, while 22 charging points have been installed at our facilities in Korea.


StorHub Korea made a point of using green products as building materials during the construction of the newest storage facility. The use of green products reduces the cost of environmental restoration, thereby minimising social costs. StorHub Korea will continue to make a conscious effort to select such materials for future facilities in our endeavour to build a more sustainabe future for all.


In Singapore, we have installed an Energy Storage Solution (ESS) in our Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) systems to monitor the real-time energy consumption at our facilities, to stay on top of our consumption trends and identify potential energy savings. The ESS uses energy logic to help optimise the temperature as we create a comfortable storage environment to elevate customer satisfaction. Initial testing conducted at several StorHub facilities in Singapore has estimated that our energy savings can reach up to 10% in AC cooling. Full implementation of the ESS at all StorHub Singapore sites will be carried out by 2023.

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